Are you looking for Spanish Fort AL auto repair and not sure who to pick? 

Even though it’s a small community we live in, at least compared to nearby Mobile, it can be tough to choose an honest auto repair shop near you that’s honest and won’t overcharge you. 

Here at Valentine Automotive we pride ourselves on providing on high quality auto repair services that are affordable and fast. Your car won’t be here for weeks, and you won’t have to worry about the costs. 

Here is a little more info on who we are……

What Makes A Auto Shop Better Than Others?

When you’re browsing online for the best auto repair near me, it’s important to take a few key factors under consideration. 

First, are they certified to work on your car and do they have the experience? 

Stuart and Erik Valentine have been working on cars for pretty much all their lives, and have gotten most of their experience from working at dealerships for Nissan and Toyota and others. 

Valentine Automotive has been in business for nearly a decade since they decided to do their own thing. Many auto shops are started in much the same way, but there’s two other factors that make us different……

A Good Auto Service Should Help You Save Money

We believe that it does absolutely no good to charge as much as we can to everyone who walks through our garage. It’s bad business and it’s bad for your finances. 

There have countless instances where a customer will come in for auto repair in Spanish Fort AL after receiving a sky high estimate. 

We have often been able to do the exact same job for a lot less than other shops are offering because other shops will not understand what needs to be fixed.

That’s the big reason why you need someone with experience. Some mechanics just can’t determine whether the problems you’re having is due to a simple fix or a complex solution. We want to do everything we can to save you money so you keep bringing your cars to us. 

They Should Also Be Upfront About The Costs & Labor

Another big problem when looking for the best auto repair near me is knowing what you’re paying for at the start of a job. 

Our customers have also reported that their estimates were totally different from their final bill. That’s not good! 

If the mechanics can’t correctly identify the problem at first, then they may have trouble fixing it. However there will be times of course when one problem solved will reveal another problem to be fixed. 

An experienced mechanic can foresee these other problems, and be able to recommend what needs to be done. 

So, are you ready to come and visit us at our shop? We hope so! 

We’re located right on Highway 98 close to Wal-Mart.