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Summertime weather is TOUGH on our cars!

Not only does it hurt the life of our engines and cause us to need more frequent oil changes…..

But it can wear down nearly every part of our vehicles too.

Here in Daphne, it’s crucial to maintain your car in order to avoid higher expenses later on, and we’ve got a few tips and tricks that we recommend…..


Check Your Tire Pressure Regularly

You probably know that this can greatly affect your gas mileage.

That online should help motivate you to get do this regularly!

But the other BIG reason is that underinflated tires will receive more pressure to their sidewalls and have a tendency to burst.

You definitely don’t want this happening while driving Interstate 10.


Change Your Oil & Filters When Needed

This is something we cover more extensively over at our page about oil changes.

We’re located easily on highway 98 if you happen to need this done rightaway!


Make Sure Your Belts & Hoses Are Running Smooth

In the summer, your car’s engine needs to be as cool as possible.

And to do that, the machinery inside needs to be able to keep the fans running and the coolant flowing to the engine.

This is yet another reason why regular maintenance is so crucial here on the Gulf Coast.

A quick look under the hood will help you see if any belts or hoses look distressed, but a quick look by one of us can help you too.

You want to be checking for these factors about once every 6 months to a year, but ideally before the higher temps come to Daphne.


Clean Your Batteries Before They Need Replacing

This is one of the crucial steps you can take to prevent dead batteries and spending a hundred bucks on a new one.

Harsh winter conditions can cause corrosion around the spots where the batteries are connected, and simply wiping it off can help.

Of course make sure the engine isn’t running!

You’ll also want to regularly disconnect the cables if you can, but this is something you can leave to us along with everything else if you’d rather now deal with it.


Make Sure There’s Plenty Of Refrigerant For Your Air Conditioning To Run!

If there’s anything on this list that can really put a dent in your summer plans, it’s the lack of A/C!

And it’s not very hard to detect if you’re having problems with this because you’ll probably be pretty hot in your car and your A/C will be struggling to cool down the car.

This is often due to a leak of refrigerant, and you’ll probably need to bring it in.


Keep A Roadside Emergency Kit Handy

This can consist of the following items:

— Extra gas and engine oil

— A car jack and iron

— jumper cables

— gloves and flashlight

— water for the radiator and for yourself to drink

— a blanket and towel

No one can really predict when a part of your vehicle will stop functioning so taking the time to put this kit together can REALLY help you out when needed.

And that’s pretty much it!

If you do just a few of these things, you’ll more than likely save a lot of money on future repair costs.

According to one of the articles we referenced here, only one of every ten people will even do these easy tasks!

Don’t be one of those people who leave their car’s health to chance.

And if you need more tips, we found this great pinterest page with all sorts of car hacks and article links for you to browse too:

Thanks again for reading and please come visit us if we can help out in any way.