Need to get your brakes looked at? We do that too right here in Daphne!

There are several reasons why you may be worried about your brakes, which we’ve talked about below, but if you really need some help don’t hesitate to call us.

Our turnarounds are really quick and we don’t overcharge for routine maintenance like this.

However if you just need some insights into how to maintain your brakes then read a couple of quick tips we have for you down below.

Coast! Use The Brakes As Little As Possible

Lots of great info on maintaining your brakes can be found over here at this link:

And this tip is one we really believe will help the most.

Now it will take some practice if you’ve relied on your brakes a lot, but more than likely you know the town of Daphne Alabama fairly well.

Think of the places where you’re going downhill, or where there’s sharp curves.

Those are the best places to take your foot off the gas and just coast.

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Avoid Speeding…..

Depending on your driving habits, this is another one that you may not be too keen on.

It always feels like you’re going much faster when you speed, but more than likely you’ve got to slow down a lot when you encounter other drivers and traffic lights.

This only puts more stress on your brakes, and it can be easily avoided.

Realize that speeding only gets you home a little bit more quickly, and you’ll more than likely be able to enjoy the ride a little better.

Ignore the other drivers that are in a hurry. You’ll save some wear and tear on your brakes that way!

Keep Your Car Load As Light As Possible

This can not only affect your brakes, but your gas mileage too as your vehicle only has to work harder to get from A to B.

Strive to make it where the only weight you put on your car is your own.

Avoid making your car a wastebasket, or a storage facility if possible.

I know we’re asking a lot asking you to coast, not speed, and now keep your car clean….

But it only makes your car last longer and your bill go down.

Change Your Brake Fluids Regularly

This is one of the main reasons you should come visit us every once in awhile.

We can take a look under the hood and see many of the parts and fluids that could be hurting the performance of your vehicle.

Many folks like to do this themselves, but every car is different.

It’s much easier to let a pro like us take a quick look and get it fixed quickly.