Our many 5 Star Google reviews mention the fair prices we give for our auto repair daphne al services. They wonder how we’re able to give high quality service that is much lower than our competitors in the local market. They also wonder why we don’t mark up our services!

In this time of inflation and difficult times, we know that yall depend on your car’s reliability more than ever. So with that in mind, we want to be a reliable mechanic that you can depend on. That means that raising our prices to just make a little more money is not wise.

We aren’t cheap and we don’t shortcut our work to make it more affordable. However there are a few factors we like to think helps us provide this auto repair daphne al service.

Nearly 50 Years Of Combined Experience Cuts Down On Work Time

Stuart has worked on cars for most of his life and has worked at dealerships on the Gulf Coast for Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, and others before starting his own shop. This alone has amounted to around 40 years of experience.

Erik, Stuart’s son, has also worked in various dealerships like Toyota, Nissan, and Hyundai. With this work in auto repair daphne al and other areas, he has close to 20 years of experience.

All of this time means that we are a lot less likely to spend precious time diagnosing your car problems. It also means that we aren’t going to fix stuff that’s not broken.

Upfront Pricing Cuts Down Time Your Car Will Need More Auto Repairs Daphne AL

We hear many stories about how another shop will keep you in suspense about the cost of the parts and their services. All of us try to be as upfront as possible about the costs so that you’re mentally ready to have your car fixed.

It can be awful to think it’s one problem, be told there could be more problems with your car, and then get your receipt that has no mention of other problems with the car. This adds to the cost of our labor and it’s something we do our best to avoid.

At every step of the auto repair daphne al process, we will contact you and let you know what everything will cost, and if there’s something else that must be fixed right then and there.

By Maintaining Good Relationships With Parts Vendors

A big cost of any auto repair service is going to be the parts, and this is problematic with supply chain issues and inflation.

With our years of work on the Alabama and Florida Gulf Coast, we have come to know many other businesses in the area from junkyards, parts vendors, as well as folks who work the local auto chain stores.

Our connections allow us to find parts that are in good condition and that we can obtain quickly. This is becoming more a challenge because of the issues we mentioned before, but we’re in as good a position as anyone can be.


Please Visit or Call Us Today To Setup An Appointment For Auto Repair Daphne AL

We’re located close to the Auto Zone on highway 98 in Daphne, AL.

Available appointment spots do get booked quickly so please contact us soon if you are having a problem with your vehicle. We’ll be happy to help out.