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Most Common Reasons You’ll Need An Oil Change

We already covered a few reasons why you should regularly change your oil over at our other page about engines, but we also we wanted to cover this a little by its self.

Just in case you didn’t understand why oil changes are needed already.

You see, your entire car runs on oil the same way your body runs on oxygen.

Without it, some parts will just start breaking down…..

Ever been behind a car that smelled like it was burning something?

That was probably a car that hadn’t changed their oil in awhile and needs to come see us.

Some typical reasons many people need frequent oil changes are:

— You live in a very warm place like here on the Gulf Coast in Daphne AL

— Your car is old and tends to burn more oil

— You drive a lot on dirt roads or other off-road conditions

— Or maybe you’re a little too rough on your car. High speed driving and accelerating only hurts the engine more.


How do you know if you need to come in for an oil change?

Well definitely don’t wait until the car starts making that burning smell!

What lots of people will do is either:

1) set a new trip on their odometer to measure how many miles they’ve driven since their last oil change

2) check their oil levels using their dipstick

There are plenty of tutorials on youtube like the one below that’ll show you how to do this yourself in case you don’t know.

We assume that many people know this stuff but you’d be surprised!

And of course, this info should be in your owner’s manual. Most cars range from 3000 to 10,000 miles before they need a new oil change.

Another thing you need to check is if your car will need synthetic or regular oil.

We can check this for you no problem, but we know that some people like to bring their own oil in too to be safe.


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