Winter Vehicle Maintenance Tips for Daphne AL Residents

As winter approaches, it’s essential for Gulf Coast residents to prepare their vehicles for the unique challenges that the season may bring. While the region may not experience extreme cold or heavy snowfall, the cooler temperatures and occasional inclement weather can still impact your vehicle’s performance. In this article, we’ll explore some practical tips for […]

How To Properly Maintain An Older Vehicle

Wouldn’t it be great if our older vehicles would run forever without incident? That we would never need to replace old parts or ever get another tuneup? It’s definitely something we would love to dream about as it would save us some work, but the unfortunate fact is that there is usually more work that […]

Going To A Dealership Versus A Small Auto Shop: Pros And Cons

So you’re not sure whether your car or truck auto repair can be done here at Valentine Automotive? Do some friends or family recommend you go to a dealership instead? There’s no easy answer to these questions as we can help on lots of auto repair issues, but the dealer may be more appropriate for […]

How We Are Able To Give Fair Prices – Auto Repair Daphne AL

In this time of inflation and difficult times, we know that yall depend on your car’s reliability more than ever. So with that in mind, we want to be a reliable mechanic that you can depend on. That means that raising our prices to just make a little more money is not wise. We aren’t […]

Daphne Automotive Repair Shops: 3 Things To Look For When Choosing One

When you’re just passing through Daphne, AL, or if you’re new to town, it can be tough to decide on a quality automotive shop. This is because, from the outside, it’s hard to tell. But if you’re here reading this article, we want to try and help you decide why to choose us, or anyone […]

Compressor Repairs Daphne AL: Identifying Common Signs Of Damage

Having a functional air conditioning system in your vehicle becomes paramount for a comfortable and pleasant driving experience. One of the critical components responsible for cooling the air inside your car is the compressor. However, like any other automotive part, compressors can encounter issues over time, leaving you without the refreshing breeze you depend on […]

Daphne AL Car Engine Repair: Understanding Engine Operation and Preventing Common Problems

Your car’s engine is a marvel of engineering, a complex system of interconnected parts that work together to generate power and propel your vehicle forward. Proper engine maintenance is essential to ensure its smooth operation, extend its lifespan, and prevent common issues that can arise with neglect. At Valentine Automotive in Daphne, AL, we believe […]

Transmission Repair Daphne, AL: Tips to Avoid Common Issues with Valentine Automotive

Your car’s transmission is an important component that enables power transfer from the engine to the wheels, allowing your vehicle to move smoothly and efficiently. Understanding how the transmission works and being proactive with maintenance can help you avoid costly repairs down the road. At Valentine Automotive, we’re committed to providing top-notch transmission services in […]

Best Auto Repair Near Me – Spanish Fort Auto Repair Valentine Automotive

Are you looking for Spanish Fort AL auto repair and not sure who to pick?  Even though it’s a small community we live in, at least compared to nearby Mobile, it can be tough to choose an honest auto repair shop near you that’s honest and won’t overcharge you.  Here at Valentine Automotive we pride […]